Sunday, July 3, 2011



Anonymous said...

It is cool. You are slowly introducing the Tamil culture in your paintings which is good. I doubt in that step the left hand will not be folded like that, the eye contact (which is very important in barathanaiam) is not ok and the eyebrow is not lengthy. If she is Shobhana then the upper lip is not correct. All may be due to the start of real painting from the modern painting. Overall it is good, but the model you choose in your old paintings (the African one) was really good.

Saranya Gunasekaran said...

Thanks for your comment, May I know you?? How did you guess it's shobhana??
And I don't find any misproportion in posture.
Yeah I love african painting, Actually i'm trying to paint al indian traditional dance, I guess u would have seen kathakali and this one is part of that.
But thanks for your valuable comment and I'll try to improvise in my future paintings.